At I Hussain & Co we believe in keeping things simple and transparent – this includes our onboarding process. And the smoother the onboarding process, the quicker we can look after your interests

Initial Meeting

i hussain and co

It’s our first opportunity to get to know you and your business – and vice versa!

We will discuss your business requirements and how we can help with the services we offer. An engagement letter will be sent to formalise what was discussed. You will receive a Welcome pack from I Hussain & Co Accountants, containing useful information and contact details and submission dates.

Moving things forward!

i hussain and co

The VAT, Payroll or accounts team (depending of what services you require) will reach out to you with a welcome email and confirming transfer of agent authorisation- that we can act on your behalf when contacting HMRC.

Ensuring you will always have a team to support you with any queries you have and keep you informed of any HMRC requirements and updates.

We will also contact you previous accountants to ensure a professional handover of documentation and any software migration

Finally – going forward meeting

i hussain and co

Once the agent authorisation and software migration has been transferred to our teams. We are ready to move forward in supporting you and your business. The VAT, Accounts & Payroll teams can be reached via phone, email or by person. Accounts meetings can be done in person or via Zoom/MS Teams – whichever is convenient for you.

A 3-month review with the director of I Hussain & Co Accountants will also be offered to ensure you are happy with the services.

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